3rd Grade ~ Mrs. Skuza

Sherri Skuza
Grade 3



Ash Wednesday Mass~ St. Aug's

Sharing~ #10-18

PLEASE also be working on your AR goal. Only 5 school days to finish.

Friday is end of trimester 2. PLEASE make sure all homework is finished and turned in.

Book orders, if you are ordering, are due Friday, February 28.


Homework is placed on this page as a courtesy. Third graders are expected to use their

Assignment Notebooks to keep track of assignments and work due.  

THANK YOU for checking the Assignment Notebook each day with your child!!


Religion: Memorize Apostles' Creed. We begin testing this after spring break.


Spelling: Rule~ Sight Words list #4

           Test~ Thursday, February 27

           Weekly lists can be found on Spelling City.


Language Arts: Finish any work not completed in class.

****SKILLS to practice in IXL: A. Main Idea~ all

                                    D. Text Structure~ all

                                    H. Inference~ all

                                    I. Story Elements 

                                    L. Rhyme~ all

                                    O. Organizing Writing~ 1

                                    P. Topic Sentences~ all

                                    U. Sentence Variety~ all

                                    V. Revising and Editing

                                    W. Prefixes and Suffixes~ 2-3

                                    Z. Categories~ all

                                    DD. Shades of Meaning~ 1-2

                                    FF. Context Clues~ all

                                    GG. Reference Skills~ all

                                    HH. Sentences, Fragments, and Run-ons~1-3, 5-7, 10

                                    II. Nouns~ 1-8

                                    PP. Prepositions~ 1

                                    RR. Contractions~ all

                                    TT. Capitalization~ all


AR: Please read 15-20 pages or 15-20 minutes, depending upon whether you are reading a chapter book or picture books, Monday-Thursday and once on the weekend. We ask that you read one Nonfiction book each month. Friday, February 28 is the last day to make your February AR goal.

Mrs. Skuza's Math group: Please finish your worksheet and fact sheet if not finished in class.

Please also practice your math facts~ It would be wise to memorize them to make your math easier in the future!! 

****SKILLS to practice in IXL: A. Numbers and Comparing~ all

                                    B. Place Values~ all

                                    C. Addition~ all

                                    D. Subtraction~ all

                                    E. Understand Multiplication~ all

                                    F. Multiplication Skill Builders~ all

                                    G. Multiplication Fluency~ 1-4, 20

                                    H. Multiplication~ 1-4

                                    Q. Logical Reasoning~ 1-5

                                    P. Estimation and Rounding~ 1-10

                                    R. Patterns~all

                                    S. Money~ 1-4, 8

                                    T. Time~ 1-9, 12-14 

                                    U. Data and Graphs~ 4-8, 14-15        

                                    W. Fractions~ 1-8

                                    Y. Compare Fractions~ 1, 6-7

                                    BB. Units of Measurement~ 1-4

                                    CC. Two-Dimensional Shapes~ 1, 3-5, 9-10

                                    DD. Triangles and Quadrilaterals~ 2, 4-8

                                    FF. Geometric Measurement~ 1-5




Science: Light Energy~ mirrors




Spanish: Review of numbers




Phy-Ed: Please remember your tennies! If it is easier, keep a pair of shoes in your locker at school. We have Phy-Ed on Tuesday and Thursday.







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